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Difficult Greek

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Yorgos Karampalis

Language Instructor & Linguist

Yorgos greatly enjoys breaking words down and explaining how his language works. He teaches through context, exposing students to stories *very* early on, while sneakily increasing the amount of Greek spoken in class.

His students are encouraged to produce their own texts and utterances once they are able to read, and get trained to need him less and less.
He likes linguistic comparisons, capitalising on languages his students speak, and explaining Greek through familiar structures. 



Difficult Greek is a project that deconstructs the Modern Greek language, answering questions you didn’t know you had, and enabling you to seek further. We aim at exposing learners to comprehensible content, compiling a generous assortment of translated and subtitled material.

For free.

Just like all of our resources.

We add new stories, songs, articles, films, videos and documentaries every month, and we have a newsletter to prove it. The content under Visual Materials is mostly subtitled in English, at times also in Greek, and more rarely in Greek only. The written content that we create ourselves – apart from the song lyrics – lies under Drafted Exploits and likes to deviate from what you tend to encounter in regular text books.

For those who feel all this is close to enough, we also offer classes.


Limeng Jing

Chinese, PhD in Linguistics, not monoligual, designed this website. Into deserts, frescoes, bone scripts, and cult movies. 

Currently in prison, carving poems on the cell walls with chopsticks.

Eats too much, speaks too much and overdoes things. Probably the reason behind her frequent arrests?

I don't know, ask her yourself.

If you don't fear the chopsticks. 

Sisyphus D. G.

CEO of Difficult Greek, anarchist and monolingual speaker of

Ro-body language.

As their boss, I usually lead the introduction of my two minions. And they take care of the translation, of course.

As for myself, a celebrity, I don't have to say much.

If you don't know me, too bad, come see me in my office.

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Yorgos Karampalis

Greek, linguist, [?]lingual, created the material on this website. Learned a few languages and can't get over himself ever since -- but can only count in Greek.

Somewhere in between listening to Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt and others starting with a T, he burnt down the staff kitchen.

About to get fired.

Might be good for you, but no, thank you, not for me.

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